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bubble soccer australia

Bubble Soccer Australia

On the court players in the field not only is a group, is even we humble of four referees. they on court formed a small group, tacit understanding in the field to create a fair competition environment. in the game do not leak a corner, to any foul play are sentenced to death. Every player on the pitch is hiding in the eyes of the three judges. Any foul play is in control of the referee, and a referee is responsible for timing and scoring. They have become an indispensable group of individuals.
This is bubble soccer, bubble soccer australia is not just a sport, it is the embodiment of the spirit of the stage. it is the hearts of many people, Venus, it is dominated by the individual to a team of Hi, anger, sadness, music. This is football with charm, is hundreds of millions of people crazy reason. This is bubble soccer.Little bubble soccer, I love you! Even if you bring me the anger, sorrow, I have no regrets. Because I pride out of your spirit, the pride out of your beauty.


Some Details to pay attention to play bubble soccer:
Bubble soccer more as a result of running, range of motion and the amount of sweating are larger, so exercise should dressed in a loose fit, air suction sweat sportswear, shoes should choose football shoes fit slip surface of the fan rubber soled. In addition to participate in the race, usually exercise should not be football wear shoes (leather nail), to avoid causing unnecessary damage to themselves or others.
2 try not to exercise in the area where the facility does not meet the requirements. Uneven ground, gravel debris (runway, Sha Keng), easy to cause the students to the ankle joint, periosteum injury, Achilles tendon injury, etc..
3 when the start of the movement, we should do some moderate, less exercise, the body before entering the strenuous exercise, there is a preparation process, when the heart rate and body temperature rise, and then gradually increase the intensity and speed of movement, so that it can not only help muscle activity efficiency and joint lubrication, but also to prevent sports injury.